Hi Gabi & Gareth
Hope you are both well. I've been meaning to email you since we got back from our trip to Iceland, but I don't know where the time has gone!
Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance in planning our trip away. Everyone had a wonderful time, everything was organised really well, and you did a fabulous job and made my life a lot easier!
I hope to work with you both again at some point.
Thanks again
Best wishes

Hi Gareth,

Been meaning to drop you a line for some time

We had a fantastic time - weather couldn't have been better with only one hour or so of rain whilst you in the UK were getting soaked!

All the arrangements were spot on - only down side as the grumpy landlady in Guest House Arbol in Husavik but it didn't spoil anything!

Hotel Tindastoll was the highlight accommodation wise

Kids really enjoyed it - as did we - can't wait to go again!


Many thanks for organising our trip to Iceland at such short notice. All
went very smoothly and your selection of places to stay and visit made a
well balanced and interesting first visit to the country. We had a most
enjoyable trip and look forward to going back to experience more!
Jane Wrighton

Gareth, please take a bow--------------you are an absolute star! Anita and I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Iceland, courtesy of your well- thought out and judicious planning, which ensured that we both enjoyed a fantastic experience on a truly magical and mystical island, which we both found captivating and enthralling!
We were singularly impressed with the manner in which you had given great consideration to the best way in which to maximise  a 9 day tour of the island, and you certainly came up trumps--------many thanks for a truly memorable experience of this mysterious and enchanting island-------our trip got off to a great start with our 2 nights in Reykjavik, despite the low lying cloud, and we made friends with the potter very near the hotel, and with the charming craftswoman, next door, who has taken photos of the chuch under all the different atmospheres, and who then moved to a house, which had always appeared in her photos------really lovely!!
We also loved Schnaefelnes, where we found the hotel owner, "John" extremely pleasant,with a really good sense of humour, and an engaging personality----------the area around there was so quiet, and serene------------what a lovely contrast with the hustle and bustle of London!!
The journey up to Husavik was also very memorable, with some stunning scenery, and the location you selected, with the chalet overlooking the fiord was really magical, as we both love bird-life, and spectacular views, and listening to all the birds at dawn and dusk was really fantastic! Our whale-watching trip was brilliant, despite only seeing glimpses of a couple of hump-bank whales, but the Spanish guide was superb , and we had a long chat with her afterwards, as we have a great affinity with all things Spanish!
As you are aware, our  last port of call was at the Frost and Fire chalets, which were truly enthralling, with a great location, and I was to be seen in the hot tub, and the swimming pool at 5.30 this morning, reading my guide book on Iceland, before being treated to a scrummy breakfast, arranged by a lovely young lady, Orsi, from Hungary.
We shall definitely be back to visit the parts of the island which we did not have time to cover, and I shall be emailing all my friends, urging them to visit the island, via the guidance of your goodself. I shall copy you in on my email to them, accordingly.
Many thanks again for making our visit so pleasurable and memorable, and for so thoughtfully planning our journey so as to maximise our enjoyment----------very well done!
Anita and Rod the Viking! 



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Outward Date: 22/12/2018
Return Date: 29/12/2018

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