1.       Go to “Start Your Booking” on the right hand side of the website

2.       Select the outward and return date by clicking on the small calendar use the arrows next to the month name to move to different months. Click on the date to select it.

3.       Enter the number of people in the party

4.       Click “next step”

5.       On the map click the resort that you wish to stay in

6.       A list of the available accommodation will appear on the right hand side, click on the accommodation you would like

7.       Scroll down the page and under the accommodation section select your room type and party size

8.       Select the flight heading below – on the right hand side the flights will appear, select the one you want

9.       Scroll back down to the flights and select the times from the drop down menu

10.   Select the trains heading if you wish to include rail transfers – these will appear at the right hand side and again you select the journey you would like

11.   Then select the car hire heading if you wish to book car hire – the cars appear at the right hand side and again select the type you would like and enter the pick up and drop off times

12.    You can then select any extras from the right hand side by clicking the last box called excursions

13.   Once you are done click confirm itinerary

14.   The next screen will be a confirmation of your itinerary and a price breakdown – from this you can select “email quotation” which will send a copy of this to your email address when you enter it. Or clicking “print quotation” will just print a copy of this page out. Then lastly you can click “complete booking” if you are happy with the arrangements for your holiday.

15.    By clicking “complete booking” you will have to fill in all your details and select a method of payment. All of this is secure.


Plan your Ski holiday...

Outward Date: 22/12/2018
Return Date: 29/12/2018

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